Money Matters ( 3 week Class )
19 Dec
Money Matters ( 3 week Class ) Current $ee “Rockin With You” ! It’s Not All About
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19 December 2014

Current $ee “Rockin With You” ! It’s Not All About The Money BE an Experience Junkie.

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    Lakesha Keith

    The Money matters series has been helpful to me, I see and feel the changes. It has been a long since I had been able to save money–I used to spend every dime I had whenever I got money, after looking at my beliefs about money and putting some of the practices that we’ve learned to use I have not only been able to save and keep money but also I’ve surprised myself – when I went to pay two reoccurring bills I saw that I had already paid them! I was so happy to see this, I cant even recall EVER doing this. (I thought about it and was thinking that even if I have done this in the past it has been just that long ago that I have no memory) I KNOW that these things are a result of the classes that we’ve had here and I’m so thankful to Ms. Blue and Brother Balah so sharing their knowledge with us. The way I feel about money has changed, I even enjoy having it now, I enjoy touching paper money, having it in my pocket and don’t feel like I need to get rid of every dime. My spending habits are different too, usually I did a lot of impulse buying, now I take more time and consider whether or not I should buy something and if I decide to buy something I make sure that I am satisfied with my purchase and not just simply buying things to get rid of my money. I also used ‘cloves’ when I had a phone interview, it was for a job in my field, one that I was really interested in getting and two days after my interview the job was mine. There are many more nuggets of knowledge that has been given that I have yet to use and will put those to use as well. The receipt thing- with saving them and stapling them to a piece of paper and keeping record is something that is scary, probably because I’m seeing how much I’ve spent, at the same time this is a practice that I want to begin because I know it will help me, in the meantime I have a moment where I consciously think to save all of my receipts and have been doing that. I’m definitely looking forward to more growth and changes to my current see.